Ladies Fellowship Programme - 2020
Meetings on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month
in the White House at 7.30 pm


  8 – Welcome Evening

22 - Mrs Mrs Fisher's Hat Emporium


12 - Joyce Cawthorne - Travel Surveys

26 - Bar Meal


11 - Jim McCormick - Audio Visual

25 - Dave Dean - Behind the Chequered Band


  8 - Carol Dean - We can do it!

22 - Mr Sidgewick - Winkies Castle


13 - Alan Cawthorne - "Footman"

27 - Visit to Botton Hall


10 - Annual General Meeting

24 - Coffee Evening


Chairlady: Mrs Jean Wardell - 01642 471530

Secretary:  Mrs Joan Halliwell, 01642 490109


Sunday Services:

    8.00 am Holy Communion (said)

  10.00 am Family Communion (sung)

Weekday Services:


   Mon:   7.00 pm Holy Communion 

   Wed: 10.00 am Holy Communion


Seasonal services are held at Christmas, Easter and throughout the year

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since January 2017

Weekly Worship resumes

on Sundays & Wednesdays

There is a single Sunday Service at 9.00am during the current restrictions.

Wednesday morning services have resumed at 10.00am. as usual.

National guidelines require a number of changes to our customs and practices, please be guided by the ChurchWardens and staff.

The church will not be open for private prayer Monday - Friday in order to comply with the requirement for a 72 hour gap between services. We look forward to welcoming you back to St. Mark's.

Weddings & Baptisms: please contact the Vicar (01642 482896)

Funerals: please consult your funeral director.