Baptism or Thanksgiving

So you're thinking about baptism? That is great news!  Here at St. Mark's we love baptisms.  Joining the church family is hugely important for the spiritual and personal growth of an adult or child.

Baptisms usually take place on the third Sunday of the month 

either during the Family Communion Service (9.30 am) or at mid-day. 


If you are an adult considering baptism then please speak to the Vicar about how to go forward. 

It is very important that parents and Godparents are fully informed about the promises they will make and the journey on which they are embarking.  Please note, Godparents must themselves have been baptised. 

We will need details of the Christian names for the child and details of the parents and Godparents. Please collect a Baptism Form from the information desk at the back of church - the church is usually open for half an hour before and after each service - and give it to one of the church staff or deliver it to the Vicarage, 6 Windy Hill Lane. Once this is done you can move forward and book a date.

There are no fees associated with a baptism but the church is always pleased to receive donations to help it to further its work and its mission.

Please speak to the Vicar if you have any questions.

While Sunday services are suspended, we regret we cannot offer christenings. 

Please contact the Vicar to book a date when services resume.

Sunday Services:

    8.00 am Holy Communion (said)

  10.00 am Family Communion (sung)

Weekday Services:


   Mon:   7.00 pm Holy Communion 

   Wed: 10.00 am Holy Communion

Seasonal services are held at Christmas, Easter and throughout the year

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Temporary suspension of regular Worship

In accordance with national guidelines, all regular public worship is suspended until further notice.

Weddings & Baptisms: please contact the Vicar (01642 482896)

Funerals: please consult your funeral director.