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St. Mark's Mothers' Union

2024 Programme 

Contact: C Snowball 01642 271147

 & J Johnson 01642 476324

Secretary: S. Gray 01642 483965

Treasurer: Sue Price 01642 507845

PRAYER MEETING: First Monday, 11.00 am in Church

BRANCH MEETING: Second Wednesday, 1.45 pm in the White House

COFFEE MORNING: Third Wednesday after Morning Service

Meetings 2024


8th    Prayer group in church 11am

10th  AGM 1.45pm in White House

17th  MU Coffee



5th    Prayer Group 11am in church

9th    MU Meeting, White House – 1.45pm

         Speaker Rev Julie Smith

16th  MU Coffee



4th    Prayer Group 11am in church

10th  Mothering Sunday

13th  Lent service in church 2pm

21st  MU Coffee



1st    Easter Monday

10th  MU Meeting 1.45pm in White House


17th  MU Coffee Morning

30th  April - 2nd May,  Wave of prayer



6th    Bank Holiday

8th    MU Meeting 1.45pm in White House,

         Speaker Rev Rachael Harrison

15th  MU Coffee Morning



3rd    Prayer Group (11.00) in Church

12th  Strawberry Tea - 2.30pm. White House.

19th  MU Coffee



1st    Prayer Group (11.00) in Church

10th  TBA

17th  MU Coffee morning -



9th    Mary Sumner Day

17th  Coffee Morning



2nd   Prayer Group 11am in Church

11th  MU Meeting 1.45pm

         Speaker Leslie Parrott

18th  Coffee Morning



7th    Prayer Group in church 11am

9th    MU Meeting – 1.45pm. White House.

16th  MU Coffee Morning



4th    Prayer Group 11am in church

13th  MU Meeting 1.45pm in White House

         Speaker Geoff Bland

20th  MU Coffee morning

25th to 10th Dec Action against gender-based violence



2nd   Christmas Lunch at Park Hotel, Redcar @ 12.00

11th  Advent Service in Church @ 2.00pm.

18th  MU Coffee Morning

Speakers will be announced in the

Church Magazine or at meetings

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