St. Mark's Mothers' Union

2020 Programme 

PRAYER MEETING: First Monday, 10.00 am in Church

BRANCH MEETING: Second Wednesday, 1.45 pm in the White House

COFFEE MORNING: Third Wednesday after Morning Service

EVENING MEETING: Fourth Monday, 7.00 pm, members' homes


  2nd   Prayer Group - lOam in church

11th    MU Meeting - 1.45pm   Diafle Davis 

18th    MU Coffee—,..

23rd    Evening meeting - 7pm 2 Grundales Dr

29th    Sldesperson


  6th    Prayer group - lOam in church

  8th    MU Meeting Lent Service 2pm In church

15th    MU Coffee Morning

26th    Sidesperson

27th    Evening meeting - 7pm 6 Raisbeck Cl.


  4th    Bank Holiday

  8th    MU Meeting  - 1.45pm in White house, 

            Margaret Healey The Good Shepherd

20th    MU Coffee Morning

25th    Bank holiday

26th    Sidesperson


  1st     Prayer Group - 10.00 am in Church

10th    Strawberry. Tea - 2.30prn White House.

17th    MU Coffee

22nd   Evening meeting - 7.0Opm.

            - 61a High Sheet

28th    Sidesperson 



  6th    Prayer Group - 10.00am in Church

  8th    Summer Outing -TBA

15th    MU Coffee Morning

26th    Sidesperson

27th    Evening Meeting - 7.00pm Chapel St.


19th    Coffee Morning

30th    Sldeperson


  7th    Prayér Group l0.00am in Church

  9th    MU Meeting 1.45pm

            Speaker Trevor Robinson -

            Tools with a mission

16th    Coffee Morning

28th    Evening MeëtIng - 7.00pm

            2 Grundales Dr.  -  Fundräiser


  5th    Prayer Group In Church 10.00am

14th    MU Meeting — 1.45pm. White House.

            Helen Hedges -

            Foot Prints in Community

21st     MU Coffee Morning

25th    Sldesperson

26th    Evening Meeting - 7.00pm 61a High Street 


  2nd    Prayer Group 10.00am in Church

11th    MU Meeting 1.45pm in Whlte House

            Rev D Temby - A Year as Area Dean

18th    MU Coffee morning

20th    Sldesperson

23rd    MU evening meeting - 7.00pm

            - 145b High Street


  7th    Christmas Lunch - 12.00 noon

            Park Hotel, Redcar

11th    Advent Service - 2.00pm in Church

16th    MU Coffee.  Moming

27th    Sldesman

   Church Services Resume!   

  Weekly Services at St. Mark's:

      Sundays            9.00am Holy Communion

      Wednesdays 10.00am Holy Communion

Effective face coverings are still required (no exceptions!)

Please be guided by the Churchwardens and Stewards.

The church will be open for private prayer and

lighting candles 30 minutes before each service.

Weddings & Baptisms:

please contact the Vicar (01642 482896)

Funerals: please consult your funeral director.