The White House

(St. Mark's Church Hall)

The Main Hall

The large Main Hall can be set out in several different formats to suit a variety of functions.

  • Theatre style - seats in rows, seating up to 80

  • Dining room - up to 10 tables of 8 places

  • Craft fair - up to 20 tables around the walls and forming a central island

  • Open space - with fixed seating round the walls - ideal for a children's party or exercise class

Room size: 36ft x 29ft (11m x 9m approx)

Ramped access is available from the adjacent small car park and loading bay.

Hire Rate: £15 per hour

The Large Meeting Room

The Large Meeting Room can be set out with tables and chairs for coffee mornings and charity lunches or as a formal meeting room. The kitchen is adjacent.

  • Theatre style - seats in rows, seating up to 30

  • Coffee Bar - up to 6 or 8 tables seating around 30

  • Board Room - up to 20 round a central 'board room' table


Room size: 32ft x 16ft (10m x 5m approx)

Ramped access is available through the main hall from the adjacent small car park

Hire Rate: £12 per hour

Small Meeting Room






Large Meeting Room & Coffee Bar


Main Hall

The Small Meeting Room

The Small Meeting Room is ideal for committee  meetings or small group discussions. Depending on how the room is set out, it accommodates up to 18 people.

Room size: 16ft x 16ft (5m x 5m approx)

Ramped access is available through the main hall from the adjacent small car park

Hire Rate: £10 per hour

All Enquiries about the White House to:

Mrs K. Callaghan  Tel: 07412 656492


Sunday Services:

    8.00 am Holy Communion (said)

  10.00 am Family Communion (sung)

Weekday Services:


   Mon:   7.00 pm Holy Communion 

   Wed: 10.00 am Holy Communion


Seasonal services are held at Christmas, Easter and throughout the year

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since January 2017

Weekly Worship resumes

on Sundays & Wednesdays

There is a single Sunday Service at 9.00am for the next few weeks (subject to review as the restrictions change.)

Wednesday morning services have resumed at 10.00am. as usual.

National guidelines require a number of changes to our customs and practices, please be guided by the ChurchWardens and staff.

The church will not be open for private prayer Monday - Friday in order to comply with the requirement for a 72 hour gap between services. We look forward to welcoming you back to St. Mark's.

Weddings & Baptisms: please contact the Vicar (01642 482896)

Funerals: please consult your funeral director.